Simple Bathroom Updates

Try our suggestions for a few simple updates that will give your bathroom or powder room a completely new look.

  • First, change cabinet and bath hardware. Look for vintage knobs, crystal or just change the finish from a brass color to pewter or bronze. Replace towel bars, rings and hooks in the same finish.
  • Add a hooked rug or even an antique persian rug under the sink or near the tub or shower. We find this is far more beautiful and interesting that the typical fuzzy bath rug. Avoid the shaped toilet rugs, too.
  • Purchase solid color off-white, ivory or white towels to use throughout.
  • Choose a simple shower curtain and rings. You may opt for a curved shower curtain rod to add more space in a small tub or shower. Roller-style rings slide easily on the rod, or use the new grommet-style curtains for a newer look.
  • Add a small piece of furniture or wall cabinet to display towels, perfume, toiletries, or add storage. This can be an antique table, shelf, a small chest or nightstand, a contemporary console or even a bench.
  • Hang some art or decorative wall pieces. Use unusual finds such as plaques, sculptural pieces or framed art.
  • Improve or update the lighting. Add dimmers to existing switches. Change out light fixtures. Consider adding decorative chandeliers over sinks, tubs or just in the center of the room.
  • Remove plate mirrors and add a decorative framed mirror instead. Make sure the finish on the frame complements the cabinets or the metal hardware you have selected.
  • Minimize the clutter. Do some editing to clean out unused items and add storage containers to organize other items and store them out of site.
  • Accessorize! Consider a collection of vintage silver trays, bowls and pitchers to store items such as cotton balls, bath soaps, etc. Or, a set of accessories made from glass or natural materials are a great look too!

Let us help with everything you need for your bathroom update!  Our designers are available free of charge and are happy to help.  Check out all of our bath products including robes, towels, shower curtains, artwork and accessories. Call us for assistance at 910-691-8085.

 Photo courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

November 08, 2015 by Vicki Stone
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